The dignity of governments cannot be established

when the streams are not clean, and the roof caves in.

Running to the well, and finding it bone dry, we know

the voters have been rejected, pulling up buckets

of nothing but sand. But hopefully the oceans

will do better, teeming with fish

and will still be living, breathing

long after we are gone.



Poetry © Copyright 2016, Nicodemas

“When we love people, we give them hope.”


By and By



By the feather of an angel, on white flight of guarantee, swift upon the current of the other side of we, singing on the wing of wind, an echo on the breeze, a wanderer of wonder in the midst of cares that tease. 

By mystical or magic, on the pillow slip of peace, translucent incandescence from two lips that offer ease, blessed be the angel as he drifts thru’ destinies, loners we, he bids us come, we rise to meet his pleas. 

By beatific rapture, glimpsed seraphic entity, soothes, by turns, the fevered brow, by return, we cherish he, sensed we, in the darkness, a whispered empathy, ethereal in union, our enthralling ecstasy.

By daylight’s dimming shadow, all dawns, a blasphemy, casting angels hither, to the realms of fantasy, loss, among the clouded, where lifeless vanities condemn and sentence fallen to an endless odyssey.

Life Lessons

The mind is the last bastion of individuality.

It is the trying that builds character, not the having.

man on edge


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