Song of the week – The Song that goes like this

I think it’s a bit annoying to post a link to my A Song Diary blog everyday, so I stopped. It’s just easier to give you the freedom to choose whether you like to follow that blog or not.  I don’t want to shove it down your throat, so to speak.

Seeing how much I love the idea of this site, I’ve decided to allow you guys to experience my week by me picking the best song of the week from my daily diary that I’m posting there.

Over here I’ve recently entered the domain of poetry and rushed back out after posting one piece.  I might venture their again…

Anyhow, I hope this makes you smile.


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A devoted husband. A loving dad. A business traveler. A fitness fanatic wannabe. An aspiring blogger. A enthusiastic twittee. And a laugher of life.

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