In the privacy of my own mind




Neatly tucked away

Behind the guise of civility

Lurks a nasty beast

Anarchy is his trade

No rules do bind him in

He seeks for pleasures

Consumed by passions

He hungers for a feast

A thirst that’s never quenched

He searches ever far

No world can hold this need

Time and space mean naught

For each and every one of us

Has a beast we hide away

Not for the light of day to see

We relish in the quest

Our beast is our subconscious

Where we taste forbidden fruit

We hide away our secret yens

From others near and dear

But ever close our beast

To take us on a voyage

Where all is done

And all is won

Our secrets are desired

So now I think I’ll take a trip

I know not where I go

But on my beast I’ll ride the stars

And sample tastes afar

For none can stop me when i go

I’ve travelled here before

Because you see

The place I go

Is the privacy of my own mind.


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I am a woman with a mission: to live life to the fullest. I will not let an itty, bitty incurable disease stop me. It may slow me down but like a ship dragging an anchor, I'll get there eventually. Walk with me at

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