The Final Test


Oct 2013 008


Money makes the world go round

I’ve heard them say it’s so

But money has no value

To make a garden grow.


Love it is that makes us weep

For joy as well as grief

This is what we need to feel

I’ll keep my statements brief.


How better can that feeling be

To know you are the one

To whom that love is given

And back is just more fun.


Together we can conquer worlds

Or perhaps our only space

Around us we can feel the joy

And others just a trace.


So this I have to say to you

I pray you do your best

To fall in love and give it back

And pass man’s final test.


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I am a woman with a mission: to live life to the fullest. I will not let an itty, bitty incurable disease stop me. It may slow me down but like a ship dragging an anchor, I'll get there eventually. Walk with me at

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