Even Freedom Has Rules

freedom's place pngFreedom’s Place has arisen from a need among some bloggers to have a holiday while still being creative. It is intended as a timeshare platform. Somewhere anyone can come and be other than their blogging personna should they need a break from that.

You may be a humorist who wants to get serious, a poet who wants to explore a different narrative, a photographer who wants to try haiku, a creator of some kind who needs an alternative outlet for whatever reason.

As a holiday home there will be no need to be concerned with blogging bother. No worry on stats, no care for who follows, no compulsion to follow others. Just a place to hang out and let your mind drift in the tide.

Those who facilitate here will not be held responsible for the content of any other holidaymaker’s content. It’s our holiday home too, you know.

Hate of any kind will not be tolerated and may be deleted. No one goes on holiday to have a bad time.

We’re here to unwind, relax, do a bit of horse-riding, fishing, sunbathing, metaphorically speaking. Some people like adventure holidays. That’s fine too. Just take out your own insurance cover, please.

Should you wish to book for the days you need your break, contact scottishmomus@outlook.com

An invite to author will be issued. You accept. Booked. Holiday when you please.

Anonymity/pen-name is up to you as are all other decisions you make for packing.

Welcome, friends, to Freedom’s Place –  a collective.


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